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Supporting Local Activities

A Proud Partner

Advantek Group is part of the greater picture. We are proud of supporting activities in the local environment. We value the importance of sport and science. Next generations, girls and boys, are part of a healthy environment that will improve each individual.

Moreover, Advantek Group, appreciates all the activities for kids that will endure them with challenges to improve their social, mental and physical attributes that will guide them towards a better future.

IK Gimletroll


“We are a large and important club for the local community. Gimletroll is completely dependent on all our great volunteers and not least the good sponsors. Without the financial support we receive from sponsors like Advantek Group, we would have great challenges being able to maintain all the activities we facilitate. Furthermore, sports are of course important, however Gimletroll are also a major contributor to creating good values and attitudes among young people in the district.

Our district grows fast and we see the importance of gathering our children a common and safe place. We can help set boundaries, and not least include and give a sense of belonging to everyone”

– Tyge Carlsen, CEO

“Our partners are necessary for us to give our members activities with good quality. We are grateful to have Advantek Group as sponsor giving us the opportunity to keep bringing the youth together in a healthy environment”

– Per Christian Osmundsen, CEO

Advantek Group supports Aktiv Skola. Read more about Aktive Skola and their work here https://aktivskola.org/

“Kodeklubben is an offer together with Søgne Ungdomslag. Here children learn programming, data and technology in a fun challenging and creative way.

Established in autumn of 2019 and is run on a voluntary basis. We have worked with game programming in Scratch, IoT and wireless weather stations with Arduino, robot programmering with Lego Mindstorms and MicroPython.

Furthermore, we use technology, data, programming and creativity in a way that also gives us an understandings of physics, mathematics, sequences and problem solving. Assignments and course materials are self-produced, but some inspiration is taken from other places online.

The idea is to create an arena where young people can be social – not just over internet – and at the same time learn a little about technology, programming and IT. This is offered in a safe environment where participants can find challenges within their interest in technology.”

– Frank Ove Karlsen, Kodeklubben Søgne