We are an innovative technology company focusing on creating engineering solutions for our customers. Moreover, we are flexible, dynamic, and make fast decisions.

Our goal is to help our customers to get best quality, save time and money by building efficient and innovative engineering solutions.

From our founding in 2008 until today, Advantek Group, has grown into a strong supplier of technology services to key industry companies across Europe.

We are strongly present in the development we are witnessing throughout the industry today, connected to Automation and Digitalization. At the same time, we have managed to keep up the activity within our other key technical fields, such as Electro, Process, Mechanical, CAD and Multidiscipline Analysis.

Advantek Group is all about people. We believe that focusing on the team and on each individual, is a key factor to maintain high performance, quality and stability. To enable us to bring success for our projects and our customers, we need to create a strong sense of team feeling and job satisfaction to our organization and our employees.

Let`s join forces, and let us convert your ideas into reality.


The Story Begins

Advantek Group established as Engineering Supply. Operating from a little office in Kristiansand, Norway.


The founder saw the opportunity to take a position as a the only specialist, providing engineering resources to leading companies, in South Norway. 

Advantek Group Taking Shape

We now see more activity in the marked. We are more established in Stavanger, and Oslo becomes a new area for us.

In only nine months we went from two employees to reaching 20 employees. 


Oil Crisis

The oil crisis hits the world! It is tough times running the business and our plans expanding with offices in the west and east are put on hold. Furthermore, we realized our vulnerability providing services to only one marked. 


With Crisis Comes Possibilities

Still tough times. 

With crisis new possibilities occures. Renewable energy and Denmark gave us belief to get back to speed again. Many competent people lost their jobs during the oil crisis. Advantek Group got a central position were we got norwegian oil & gas engineers transferred to Denmark.

Here they provided their skills working primarily with bio-fuel and wind power within the renewable energy sector. 


Advantek Group Gets Stronger

Activities in Norway on the way upwards. We are known in the marked to deliver good quality and services. Therefore, our customers came back to us as the crisis past away.

Experiences throughout the years learned us that we had to expand business areas. We now looked for business areas in different countries to make the company more solid due to external factors like the oil crisis. 

Advantek Group is by this time diversified and this year we established ourself in Denmark, Portugal and Sweden. We are now running in four countries!


Advantek Digital Founded

Advantek Digital is founded to supply the customers with software expertice and digitalization.


As Of Today

Today we are operating throughout eight offices in Norway, Sweden and Portugal. With over 150 employees we are dedicated within four business areas; Intralogistics, Equipment & Manufactoring, Renewables and Digital. 

We are looking to expand even more and see opportunities all over the world. 

Lets keep the pace!




Advantek Group is part of the greater picture. We are proud of supporting activities in the local environment. We value the importance of sports and science


PeoplePassion and Performance is the foundation of our culture.