Advantek is a group of innovative technology companies, providing state of the art solutions within Digitalization, Engineering and Project Management for various industries. 

We are all about people, and this is our foundation. We believe that focusing on the team, and on each individual, is a key factor to success. And vital if you want to achieve high performance, quality and sustainability. 

To enable us to bring success for our projects and our customers, we need to create a strong sense of team feeling and job satisfaction into our organization and our employees. So our people is the foundation for everything we do. 

From the founding in 2008, and until today, Advantek Group has taken a solid position within the markets Renewable Energy, Intralogistics, Food & Pharma, Defense, Process Industry, Oil & Gas and the Manufacturing field.

Our main reach is Scandinavia and continental Europe, moreover we also deliver projects in both Asia and North America. 

Let’s join forces, and let’s convert our common ideas into reality. 


The Story Begins

The first company in Advantek Group was founded in Kristiansand, Norway. Today known as Advantek Engineering AS.


The founder saw the opportunity to take a position as a the only local specialist supplier of engineering resources to customers and projects in Southern Norway. 

Advantek Group Taking Shape

The business model is working, and in only nine months we grew from 2 to 20 full time employees. 

At the same time, we are expanding our reach to include East Norway.  


Oil Crisis

The oil crisis hits the world! Times are tough, markets low and our expansion plans are put on hold. We realized our vulnerability providing services to only one market segment. 


A crisis often generates new possibilities

Times are still tough in Norway. 

However, along with a crisis, new possibilities occur. Denmark and the renewable energy market got us back to speed. Many competent people lost their jobs in Norway during the oil crisis. We established a solid operation in Denmark, based on available competences from the Norwegian oil & gas market.

Our engineers from Norway applied their skills in Denmark working primarily within power generation from biofuel and wind power. 


Advantek Group Grows Stronger

Activities in Norway on the rise. We are recognized in the market as a supplier of good quality and service.  Therefore, our customers came back to us as the crisis passed away.

Experiences throughout the years taught us that we had to expand our business areas. We now searched for new business areas and new geographical footprints to make the company more solid towards external factors like the oil crisis. 

Advantek Group is by this time diversified, after the establishments in Denmark, Portugal and Sweden. We are now operating in four countries!


Advantek Digital Founded

This year we founded Advantek Digital to supply our customers with software expertise, aiming to be the preferred partner of digitalization. 


As Of Today

We are currently operating throughout eight offices in Scandinavia and Southern Europe. More than 150 employees are doing their best every day to supply state of the art solutions within Engineering, Site Services, Project Management, Embedded Systems and Software Solutions. 

We are looking to expand even more, looking at opportunities globally. 

Lets keep the pace!