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About Us

People, Passion, Performance

Who We Are

Advantek is a network of technology companies dedicated to innovation, specializing in advanced solutions for digitalization, engineering, and project management across diverse industries.

Our operations extend throughout Europe, from the beautiful coastline of southern Portugal to the scenic regions of northern Sweden. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and support to businesses across the continent.

With focus on teams & individuals


We are all about people, and this is our foundation. We believe that focusing on the team, and on each individual, is a key factor to success. And vital if you want to achieve high performance, quality and sustainability.

If you visit any Advantek location anywhere in the world, you will most likely face the slogan “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. which we believe in firmly.

To define the values and the culture of Advantek, we have chosen our three P’s: People, Passion, Performance.

We are a proud group of professionals that believes that investing in our employees is the same as investing in our company.

Passion makes the difference between having work as an advantage in our personal lives, or just something we do to make a living.

Our teams are committed to delivering high-quality results on time and within your budget, making sure our clients are satisfied with the outcome.








Where we are

The Road to Success

To enable us to bring success for our projects and our customers, we need to create a strong sense of team feeling and job satisfaction into our organization and our employees. So our people is the foundation for everything we do. 

From the founding in 2008, and until today, Advantek Group has taken a solid position within the markets we are in, working with companies in Scandinavia and continental Europe.

Let’s join forces, and let’s convert our common ideas into reality.