Company culture

Our three P's

Culture is a top priority in Advantek Group. 

In short, company culture can be defined as a shared set of values, goals, attitudes and practices that make up an organization. 

In Advantek we believe that this is more important than anything. We have a high focus on culture and values in every stage of our business, both when recruiting new employees and in every cornerstone of our ongoing operations. 

If you visit any Advantek location anywhere in the world, you will most likely face the slogan “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”.                    Which really says it all. 

To define the values and the culture of Advantek, we have chosen our three P’s: People, Passion, Performance. 


We are a proud family of professionals and we all respect the fact that we work with People

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and the foundation for everything we do

We believe that investing in our employees is the same as investing in our company


We regard our work as a lifestyle. We live our lives and do our work with Passion

Passion makes the difference between having work as an advantage in our personal lives, or just something we do to make a living.

It also makes the difference - every day - between a great and a mediocre Performance


We believe that great Performance will come naturally, if you have good People with lots of Passion.

The People in Advantek know that we need to perform on a high level to maintain the trust of our customers.

We promise that we will stay true to our values

People - Passion - Performance

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