As a service provider, we are all about people and culture. It starts with hiring the right people in terms of competence and personalities. Then developing people and teams, focusing on technical competence, passion and attitude. 

Whether we are delivering Engineering Services, Software Solutions or Site Services, we need to set up a delivery team with right competence and the right attitude, to ensure that the customer gets the right performance from us. That is why our core values are People, Passion and Performance. 

Today we are delivering these services within Renewable Energy, Equipment & Manufacturing, Intralogistics and Digital. In each of these Business Areas, the foundation for our deliveries are the core values, the culture and the mindset as described above. 

In the video, Division Manager of Equipment & Manufacturing in Norway, Pål Færavaag, describes more what we deliver within the Business Areas, Renewable Energy and Equipment & Manufacturing. 

Engineering Services

Advantek Group is currently performing Engineering Services for leading companies within all our main Business Areas; Renewable Energy, Equipment & Manufacturing and Intralogistics.

Our main responsibilities when performing Engineering Sevices are: Engineering Management, Design Engineering and Procurement. Our services are performed in-house, from one of our office locations in Scandinavia or Southern Europe.

Our engineering delivery teams are fully equipped with necessary hardware, IT infrastructure and technical software licenses (CAD, FEA, CFD, PLC etc.)

Resource Management

In certain types of projects, our customer performs Engineering Management themselves. For such projects, our customer engage us to perform Resource Management and take care of volume engineering.
Our main deliveries here lies within Design, Engineering, Procurement and Follow-up. Our delivery team will typically be located in our offices in Scandinavia or Southern Europe.
We can provide the necessary hardware, IT infrastructure and software licenses. However, often the customer prefers that we work fully integrated in their internal IT system. We are then using their software licenses, typically through VPN or a virtual desktop solution.Alternatively, our team can be placed in the customers office, fully integrated in their team.

On-site Services

Advantek Group is currently supporting a broad specter of industry players with qualified services for their operations on site. Our main deliveries under this service area are: Installation & Commissioning, Service & Repair and Maintance.

Some of our customers does not have these functions in their own organization. In these cases we are engaged to take full responsibility for the activity, both in terms of planning, management and execution.

In other cases we are a support for the customers own team, working under their management and supervision. Our responsibility is then to support them with a qualified team in peak periods, or to fill a gap in the customers organization in terms of competence.

Software & Embedded Systems

In Digital we develop innovative and creative products, services and digital solutions, as well as providing expert developer consultants and software teams for our customers.

Our Embedded system experts help our customers with the most advanced problems related to IoT, AI, Control Systems, Communication, Sensors and Robotics.

With passion for technology within Software and Embedded Systems we can deliver complete solutions over the full tech stack, from Hardware to Cloud.

Delivery Methods

  • Work Package

    You deliver a case/specification and requirements.
    Development is done in-house by us, based on scope of work, time limit, and a budget.

  • Dedicated Teams

    You have a specific challenge to be solved and are in need of a team of expert engineers, developers or other technical competence.
    Together with you, we figure out the most fitting team of experts that can help you solve your resource need.

  • Consultant

    You have a specific challenge to be solved and are in need of an expert consultant.
    Together with you, we select the most fitting engineer that can help you solve your resource needs.