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“Advantek Group are proud to take a part of making the world “green”!”

Sustainable energy solutions are important for the future. Advantek Group sees the greater picture, and proud to take a part within green energy, both production, and use. By working at the intersection of experience, research and development, we create efficient and sustainable energy solutions for a positive societal development. 

Advantek Group has a great focus on this and to contribute to climate and environmental issues, we are proud to be part of this journey towards the common goals for our industry and planet. 

Supporting you with highly qualified engineering resources, Advantek Group, aims to deliver throughout all phases of an execution project. Project Management, Engineering Solutions, Design Execution and Installation & Commissioning are the main areas of expertise and competences within our Renewable Energy Department. 

The department is counting 15 employees, and we are currently involved in projects related to both Wind Energy and Hydro Energy. In these projects we are covering the areas of Project Management, Electro Instrument & Automation Engineering, Mechanical Design and Commissioning. 

Environmental issues and climate changes are truly something we all need to contribute due to make the world “green”. Renewable Energy will be the key for the world to succeed achieving our climate goals. 

Accelerated renewables growth is the key to achieving a sustainable energy system, unlocking the climate benefits of widespread electrification of society, and ultimately reducing C02 emissions. 

Key competences

Design of new hydropower equipment projects


Hatch and pressure pipe design

Upgrade Visualization / VR

Climate adaptation