Our three P's

Culture within Advantek Group is our main focus.

The mindset of each employee define the organization culture as a whole. Our culture guides employees on both technical and business decisions, and how we interact with others. 

Our Values; People, Passion and Performance is the foundation of our culture.


We are a proud family of professionals and we all respects the fact that we work with people

We enable each other, furthermore we challenge one another for gaining superior team effort

We are confident in our culture, relations and our capabilities


We are viewing our work as a lifestyle, and we are all passionate within our field

We are all constituting a sounding board by all our employees, gladly sharing our expertise and experiences


We all seek to add value by own results as well as through collaborations and support to others

Moreover, our focus is on the task, the team and the customer, ensuring premium deliverables

Furthermore, our means is applying technology. If we see an opportunity of improvement, we make that our opportunity to solve